Our step-by-step process is detailed for you below.

Offering a full service process, Hurst Constructions will work with you from initial design planning, through all of your council and other relevant approval requirements, through the actual build and then to final sign off.


The first step is to meet with you in your home to discuss your project. From this first meeting we begin to know you and understand what you want and need from your home. We are also able to determine if one of our fixed-priced and pre-packaged design solutions will suit your needs and home.


Once we agree on your concept and budget, we sign a premliminary service agreement and a deposit is paid. The amount of this deposit will be determined by the cost of the build.


Following our initial discussion we draw up a plan or present one of our pre-designed and fixed priced packages, complete with interactive 3D images, and prepare a complete building estimate. We can also work with your design or existing plans.


After the deposit is received we finalise construction and engineering details and from this information we prepare the fixed-price contract. This contract helps both parties to understand the total costs and prevents any surprises for you as the client. You know your costs from the outset and when payment is to be made meaning no surprises and peace of mind. Council approvals are then sought and we also provide you with our ‘bank pack’ that includes your approved plans, your approved quote and specifications and a signed building contract. You are able to provide this to your bank to assist in gaining finance and bank approval against the contract.


Following council approval, which we undertake for you and for which our plans are designed with council considerations taken into account, the building process can begin. We coordinate sub-contractors and tradesmen to minimise disruption to your busy family life and work to an agreed building schedule. Regular communication is maintained throughout the building process so that you are always aware how the build is progressing.


When the construction phase is complete and the final building inspection has been carried out, all relevant documents are handed over to you for your records and safekeeping. We leave you to enjoy the new addition to your home.

Trust in Hurst Constructions to see your dream become a solid reality for a price that you know and understand from the outset.